Rental Process

  • Reserve Online

    Step 1

    Simple steps to reserve Pocket Wifi and select data size. Payment via Paypal with option to pay by Credit/Debit Card (Paypal account not required) OR PoLi Pay for Internet Banking Transfer.

  • Collect Pocket Wifi

    Step 2

    There are numbers of delivery/collection options: Our Limousine driver pass it on to you before departure (for Global Pocket Wifi) or after arrival (for Australia Pocket Wifi), Melbourne Airport 24/7 Parcel Locker, Hotel Reception or specified residential/commercial address, any Australia Post 24/7 Parcel Locker, delivery in Singapore (for Internet in Australia only).

  • Set Up Wifi Connection

    Step 3

    Setting up wifi connection is easy. Instruction is provided together with the pocket wifi.

  • Enjoy Internet

    Step 4

    Happy browsing, chatting, facebook-ing, google map-ing, tweeting, etc.

  • Put Everything in the Prepaid Envelope

    Step 5

    An envelope with written return address is provided and ready to go. Simply put it in the envelope and seal it. List of items to be returned is provided along with the instruction.

  • Drop It in Australia Post Box

    Step 6

    Simply drop it in any color Australia Post Box. Many are available on the street. Please visit to find one.