Special Offer for AirBnB Host

airbnb host offer

Welcome, AirBnB Host!

If you are visiting this page and looking for a great collaboration that can boost your AirBnB service as well as giving more value to your clients, you have taken a great first step.

Australia Wireless Rental offers pocket wifi rental with internet data included.

As an AirBnB host, you will be given a unique promotion code that you may specify in your AirBnb service description. When your client makes a reservation online and specify the promotion code, your client gets $15 OFF and you get 15% from us. It is win-win solution for everyone.

The 15% referral fee is of the original reservation only (ie. any amount generated from rental extension, etc will not be included in referral fee) . The referral fee will be paid to you only after your client completes the rental period. Payment is by Paypal or Bank transfer.

For your convenience, we provide full support for your client. We will treat your client as we treat our clients.  No hassle for you. Please see our client reviews here.

To enquire or to request for the promotion code, please email or contact us at contact@australia-wireless-rental.com or 0428 868 398 along with your AirBnB page url. We also provide flyer with sign holder (see image) to be placed in your AirBnB accommodation for free.

Look forward to collaborating with you!