Working From Home Essentials Checklist

COVID-19 or Corona Virus has changed the world. Recently, we are seeing businesses executing Business Continuity Plan (BCP). One of them in the form of enforcing staff to take everything they need to work from home.

This article is dedicated to prompt you things that can be put into consideration while readying for WFH based on our experience WFH in the last week or so.

Computer, Gadget, and Internet are essentials for working from home

Computer and Gadgets

If you don’t have reliable computer at home consider talking to your employer, renting one, or borrowing from relative who may have spare one.


It is important factor to WFH as everything is about uninterrupted connectivity. You will need to be able to view emails, contactable by customer, access files on the cloud/server, etc.

If you have already had internet at home, review if you have enough data and speed to support your work. Some telco companies offer temporary increase.

If you don’t have reliable internet or require back up in additional to your existing, you may consider rent pocket wifi/dongle with data included. This solution also great if you need to setup temporary working hub for your staff who live within proximity. Companies like Wilh-ma offers temporary modem rental.

Kids and Family

One of the best advices we got before starting WFH is ‘Try not to kill each other’. Not only technology is important, but locked down in the same roof for extended time without properly upfront family discussion and planning may lead to non-productive WFH environment. Toddlers who rarely see their parents in weekdays and suddenly see their parents at home would do anything they can to get parents attention. Proper planning and discussion as well as setting up expectation will reduce unnecessary angst from situation such as I have a meeting but I can’t hear properly with kids next to me, etc.

Planning is essentials. Create activity for your kids at home so both you and kids can work/play together in harmony

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